Broadcast Schedule

FORward Radio Schedule

WFMP-LP broadcasts 24-hours a day on 106.5 FM Louisville. As an affiliate in the Pacifica Network, our broadcast schedule is a mix of nationally syndicated programming (black text above) and locally or regionally produced programs (white text above).

Our intention is to expand our local program offerings and reduce the number of repeat broadcasts as more volunteer programmers join our team. There is plenty of room left on our airwaves for YOU! If you are interested in producing local programming, please PITCH US your show ideas!

Local & Regional Programs

2 Angry Buds
Mel & Vic
Sun 11am, Fri 5pm, Mon 12am
Railing against our ludicrous politicians, their legislative nonsense & other baffling subjects in the 24/7 news cycle!

Access Hour
Wed 2pm, Thu 11am, Fri 3pm
An hour devoted to community access, featuring one-time shows produced by community members or pilot programs from potential new programmers. Pitch us your proposal!

Black Agenda RadioBlack Agenda Radio
Glen Ford & Nellie Bailey
Tue 7pm, Wed 11am, Thu 12am
A syndicated radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. A weekly hour of African-American political thought and action.


Brunch With Black Folks logoBrunch With Black Folks
Ted Jr., Queen Yero & B.Shatter
Sat 10am-noon
A morning show with friends that discusses national news to social media and everything in between. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same.

Patty+BrianCritical Thinking for Everyone!
Patty Payette & Brian Barnes
Thu 5pm, Fri 12am & 11am
Each week, we try to make the techniques and theories of critical thinking easy to understand. We believe that critical thinking applies to all areas of life, and we think you’ll agree.

Depth N WeightDepth N Weight
Joe & Annie
Sun 2pm, Mon 8am, Tues 2pm
Carrying a message of depth & weight on the topic of addiction. Offering hope to suffering alcoholics & drug addicts. Dispelling myths, misconceptions & social stigma of this disease and those afflicted.

Ethics ForwardEthics Forward
Avery Kolers
Tue 6pm, Wed 10am, Thu 8am
A discussion program using the methods of philosophical ethics to approach contemporary public issues.

F.O.R. Grooves & Grits
Sat 8-10am
Music to get your day started. R&B, Soul, Pop, and hip hop.

Paige Battcher
Mon 5pm, Tue 8am, Wed 6am
Highlights real estate developments and adaptive reuse projects throughout Louisville, the people involved in shaping our neighborhoods, and stories of people who live there. Features local music!

fc2nFrom Classroom to Newsroom
James Miller
Sun 3pm, Mon 10am, Tue 7am
A news and analysis show produced by JCPS teacher, James Miller, about journalism, education, journalism education and education journalism.

He Said, She Said
Karen & Charles
Fri 12pm, Sat 12am & 3pm
Addressing life topics effecting most people from 21-50 that need to be discussed – especially relationships, dating, hip hop culture, social media, black business & buying power, restorative justice, parenting, love, and more.

The Human Factor
Jeanette Westbrook
Thu 1pm, Fri 9am, Sun 9am
Exploring the persistent problems of human trafficking in our community.

Kite Line
Volunteer collective
Fri 6pm, Sat 11am, Sun 4pm
A radio show based in Bloomington, IN on the theme of prisons and prisoners’ civil rights organizing. Amplifying the voices of those most affected by prison, and stories from our regions’ prisons.

Robin Frederick.pngLet’s Get Trashy
Robin Frederick
Mon 7pm, Tue 11am, Wed 7am
Seeking out individuals who work for lcoal organizations, nonprofits & businesses that are rolling up their sleeves to tackle socioeconomic needs, while standing for environmental justice and lobbying for social change.

KA OwensOn The Edge
K.A. Owens
Sat 2:30pm, Sun 12pm, Mon 7am
K.A. and guests discuss social justice, public affairs, politics, economics, military affairs, history, and pop culture.

Platinum Sounds
Sat 2pm
Music from the platinum era – 1990s through early 2000s.

Reach Out in the DarnkessReach Out in the Darkness
Ruth Newman
Tue 5pm, Wed 9am, Thu 7am
A program in which people from different or opposing sides of an issue or belief system explore each other’s ideas thoughtfully and respectfully. Building bridges of understanding and common ground.

Bob Cline
Sun 6pm, Wed 12am, Thu 2pm
Exploring music from the 20th Century and beyond, putting emphasis on what it was telling us at the time and its relevance today.

RFN Weekend
Matt The PM
Sun 7-9pm & Sat 1-3am
Pop tunes of your youth, the occasional oddity and heightened reality vignettes in a package that is comfortable and easy to enjoy. Recorded at our sister station, Radio Free Nashville WRFN-LP.

Rockabilly N Blues Radio HourRockabilly N Blues Radio Hour
James Riley
Sat 6pm & Sun 1am
A blend of rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock, early country & modern vintage sounding artists, plus exclusive interviews with both legacy and new artists. Syndicated from Ashland City, TN.

Single Payer Radio
Mark McKinley
Wed 5pm, Thu 9am, Fri 7am
Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare & Physicians for a National Health Plan, Kentucky bring you this healthcare justice program promoting a publicly financed, privately delivered Medicare for all system.

Justin Mog profile - Louisville Magazine (March 2016)Sustainability Now!
Justin Mog
Mon 6pm, Tue 12am, Tue 10am
A deep dive into the many ways citizens are taking action to advance environmental, social & economic justice. Justin’s guests are living proof that we can all choose sustainability NOW, if we want it!

Underground with Shrugs
Sat 12pm
All local R&B, Soul, Pop, and hip hop.

Urban Voices
Brad Harrison, Shawn Mucker & Tiandra Robinson
Sat 1pm, Mon 2pm, Tue 9am
Urban Voices is an hour-long talk radio program that discusses pertinent current events concerning the black community and we interview the “movers & shakers” of Louisville’s Urban Community. Commentary typically revolves around weekly topics that dominate the headlines of black media. Hard News, Entertainment, and some Politics are discussed but we steer away from tabloid commentary. If a guest is on the show, the commentary will revolve around the community issues relating to the guest.

Please note that our broadcast schedule continues to evolve, but we endeavor to keep the most up-to-date schedule posted here.