Forward Radio is a grassroots, community-based, FM radio station operating as an educational arm of the Louisville chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in pursuit of peace and social justice. Through training and collaboration, FORward Radio seeks to create a network of community partners to aid in building a more diverse and relevant model of media.

Forward Radio’s studio and transmitter located in the Heyburn Building, 332 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202.


Forward Radio, WFMP-LP, is now broadcasting 24 hours a day on 106.5fm in Louisville, and posting local program archives online through SoundCloud, whenever you want to listen. Explore our broadcast schedule and tune-in!

Contribute and Volunteer!

While our mission is to “free” the airwaves, doing so is definitely not free. There are a whole host of operating costs required to realize our dream of true community media in our city, including rent, licensing fees, utilities, and equipment costs.  To achieve our goals, we need your help and the support of our entire community. Forward Radio asks you to contribute whatever you can.  Funding, time, energy, ideas — we need it all!

Now is the time to get involved in shaping and sustaining Forward Radio!

Please DONATE to help to keep us on the air! Since we have no corporate sponsors, advertising, or grant funding, your financial support is crucial. It costs a minimum of $600/month to keep Forward Radio on the air. For just $20, you could fund an entire day’s broadcast! For just $50, you could fund an hour/week for an entire year! Tax-deductible contributions of any amount are always welcome!

Below is a map showing a general projection of our coverage area, with our signal potentially reaching over 300,000 people in the Metro Louisville area! Radio-Locator offers a more refined coverage map here.


Dreams have become reality, and now we want YOU to be a part of our radio magic!!

It’s time to grab the mic from the mainstream media and begin telling OUR stories from OUR perspectives. It’s time for a new voice on the airwaves – YOUR VOICE!

Pitch Us

Get involved today and PITCH US programming that you would like to help create!