106.5 WFMP-LP

We launched our FM broadcast service in April 2017!  Explore our broadcast schedule.

Below is a map showing a general projection of our coverage area, with our signal potentially reaching over 300,000 people in the Metro Louisville area! Radio-Locator offers a more refined coverage map here.


Now is the time to get involved and help shape the programming you’ll hear on Forward Radio, WFMP-LP, 106.5 FM Louisville.

Forward Radio’s studio is located in the Heyburn Building downtown at 4th and Broadway.  Dreams have become reality, and now we want YOU to be a part of our radio magic!!

It’s time to grab the mic from the mainstream media and begin telling OUR stories from OUR perspectives. It’s time for a new voice on the airwaves – YOUR VOICE!

Get involved today and PITCH US programming that you would like to help create!