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Our grassroots, volunteer-run, listener-supported community radio station offers otherwise unheard voices the power to create programming vital to our community!

Forward Radio is broadcasting on
WFMP-LP 106.5fm Louisville
and will be streaming online soon!



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Forward Radio is a community-based,  FM radio station operating as an educational arm of the Louisville chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in pursuit of peace and social justice.  Through training and collaboration, Forward Radio seeks to create a network of community partners to aid in building a more diverse and relevant model of media.


106.5fm is now broadcasting 24 hours a day! Explore our broadcast schedule.

Contribute and Volunteer!

While our mission is to “free” the airwaves, doing so is definitely not free. There are a whole host of operating costs required to realize our dream of true community media in our city, including engineering costs, rental fees, and equipment costs.  To achieve our goal, we need your help and the support of our entire community. Forward Radio asks you to contribute whatever you can.  Funding, time, energy, ideas — we need it all!

Now is the time to get involved and help shape the programming you’ll hear on Forward Radio, WFMP-LP, 106.5 FM Louisville!

  1. Please DONATE to our $3000 campaign to raise the funds we need to cover six months of broadcasting. Tax-deductible contributions of any amount are welcome!
  2. Take our brief SURVEY to let us know what kinds of programming you most want to hear and how you intend to listen.
  3. PITCH US programming that you would like to help create!

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Or get in touch with us on Facebook 

Broadcast Schedule

WFMP-LP broadcasts 24-hours a day on 106.5fm Louisville. As an affiliate in the Pacifica Network, our broadcast schedule is a mix of nationally syndicated programming from Pacifica (indicated in shades of yellow below) and locally or regionally produced programs (indicated by all other colors below).

FORward Radio Schedule

Our intention is to expand our local program offerings and reduce the number of repeat broadcasts as more volunteer programmers join our team. If you are interested in producing local programming, please PITCH US your show ideas!

Please note that:

  1. Our broadcast schedule continues to evolve, but we endeavor to keep the most up-to-date schedule posted here.
  2. In the event that local programming is not available in any given local time block, you will hear an episode of Pacifica’s “From The Vault” program.

106.5 WFMP-LP

We launched our FM broadcast service in April 2017!  Explore our broadcast schedule.

Below is a map showing a general projection of our coverage area, with our signal potentially reaching over 300,000 people in the Metro Louisville area! Radio-Locator offers a more refined coverage map here.


Now is the time to get involved and help shape the programming you’ll hear on Forward Radio, WFMP-LP, 106.5 FM Louisville.

Forward Radio’s studio is located in the Heyburn Building downtown at 4th and Broadway.  Dreams have become reality, and now we want YOU to be a part of our radio magic!!

It’s time to grab the mic from the mainstream media and begin telling OUR stories from OUR perspectives. It’s time for a new voice on the airwaves – YOUR VOICE!

Get involved today and PITCH US programming that you would like to help create!

Contact Us

Please contact us, using the form below:


Forward Radio is entirely listener and community supported!   We rely on your financial support to make media that matters.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.

We launched the station in April 2017, and you can help keep the station going by donating to our $3000 campaign to cover six months of broadcasting!!

Donate Online!PayPal logo 1

If you’d like to send us a check, please make it out to:

Fellowship of Reconciliation with “Forward Radio” in the Memo line.

Mail checks to:
Fellowship of Reconciliation
2917 Beaumont Rd
Louisville, KY 40205

To propose an idea for a show or podcast you can contact us.  Or connect with us on Facebook.


A new day has dawned on Louisville’s media landscape.  At Forward Radio, we believe in moving media forward — pun intended! Our vision is to achieve this by encouraging the community to produce its own media.

2017-1-7 New studio in Heyburn Building

We believe that everyone in our community has the ability to become citizen journalists, creating media that addresses issues both relevant and meaningful to the community and that align with FOR’s mission statement:

As an interfaith organization, FOR’s mission is to organize, train, and grow a diverse movement that welcomes all people of conscience to end structures of violence and war, and create peace through the transformative power of nonviolence.

FOR Louisville Chapter is the local branch of a global network working for peace and justice through the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR).

We believe that, if we all work together, we can build a radio station that serves the interests of all, rather than those of a powerful few.


We want Forward Radio to become a platform for dedicated and passionate voices of individuals and groups working tirelessly to make Louisville a more compassionate city.  We’re ready to help members of our community gain access to the technology and tools of media so their stories can be told and voices heard.

WFMP sound boardIn the spirit of open access, we have tried to make the process of telling your story and contributing to Forward Radio as simple as possible. We have put together a media training guide to get you recording and sharing your stories within minutes. Click on the guide below to begin and, if you’d like more support, please get in touch at our email address:  wfmp.louisville [at] gmail (dot) com.

The Forward Radio Team

Get Started with Forward Radio’s Media Creation Guide!

If you already know the programming you want to create, click this link to fill out our  Proposal for Programming Application.